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Amma’s Ma Om Meditation  


People from every religious tradition practice some form of meditation, filling their minds with awareness of the sacred as they understand it. This meditation technique was given by Amma. Whenever she comes to visit, before Amma hugs anyone, one of the swamis leads everyone present in this meditation. Thousands of people around the world have done it and been blessed. You can do it too. It is very easy.

When people start to meditate, it is recommended that they try to do it at the same time and in the same place every day. Don’t get worried and tense about this. Just be willing to do your best one day at a time. Choose a place that is clean, quiet and safe. Choose a time when you can be undisturbed for some time. If you are not able to do this one day, it’s okay. Just try again the next day.

1. Sit comfortably with your back straight. Close your eyes, if you feel comfortable doing so, close your eyes. Otherwise, look downward.

2. Chant the syllable OM three times either out loud or mentally.

3. Consider this. Is there is anyone whom you need to forgive? In your mind, forgive them, or at least become willing to forgive them as soon as you can.

4. Think of God — however you think of God — within your own heart. Or, think of a light that radiates love and that light is in your heart.

5. Watch your breathing. Don’t try to breathe in any special way, just pay attention to your breathing. Notice how the inhalation and exhalation feel.

6. Hear the syllable “MA” when you inhale and “OM” when you exhale. Continue this for some time.


As you do this, your attention naturally shifts from your breathing to the thought of the sound of MA and OM. MA OM … MA OM … MA OM … MA OM. As you continue, you will become more and more still.

You will feel more and more deeply peaceful. Even the thought of MA OM will vanish into profound peace and sweet joy.

If something disturbs you, or your attention wanders, go back to step 5. Watch your breathing and after some time, go to step 6 and hear the syllables MA when you inhale and OM when you exhale. Again continue for some time.

7. To end, turn your attention back to your breathing. Breathe a little more deeply to bring your attention back to the present time and place.

8. Say this prayer three times either in Sanskrit or English. It is Amma’s Peace Prayer.

Lokaa-ha samastaa-ha sukhino bhavantu. (three times)

OM Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti-hi.

May all beings everywhere be happy. (three times)

OM. Peace to my surroundings. Peace to my heart and mind.

Peace to the unseen, unknown and unexpected.

Meditation is one of four basic parts of spiritual practice. They are:

• meditation

• prayer

• study of spiritual and uplifting books

• service to others

We use all four to be spiritually healthy and happy.

Circle of Love Inside, P.O. Box 3676, Oakland, CA 94609

Amma’s Prison Outreach Program – June 28, 2008

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